Before I had a child, I would cringe at the thought of a young child listening to and singing and dancing along to hip hop music.  How on earth could a parent allow their child to listen to adult music on the radio?

When my daughter, Ella was an infant, I would only play classical music in the car.  If I was feeling naughty, I might tune into NPR.  I’ve heard a plethora of things regarding classical music having these great effects on little ones so I thought “why not”?  I want a smart and focused kid, not to mention a great test taker, so let’s listen to Mozart, Beethoven and Bach all freaking day if we have to!  Gradually as Ella got older, I started putting in her songs.  We’d cruise around town rocking out to Row Your Boat, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and other favorites, but that grows old.  If I have to listen to The Wheels on the Bus one more time, I may jump in front of that bus.

I’ve been asking myself lately if it’s appropriate to listen to adult music with your toddler in the car.   I used to be the parent who only listened to classical music or NPR on the radio with my daughter in the car.  Have I become selfish by not wanting to listen to the ABC’s or Row Your Boat, or the Spanish CD that is hiding in my car so my child won’t see it?  Do I want my child to know about sex, lies and rock and roll this early on? Apparently I do.

Let me break it down for you…I’m in the car with Ella and we’re shooting the breeze.  Not realizing that she could hear the music that a whales sonar could barely hear piping thru the speakers, I hear the words from my cute little music mogul, “Mommy, turn radio up, please”–I must be doing something right as she used her manners, unprompted–but I digress, onto my story–Apparently my 3 year old is digging the Pitbull featuring Neyo song Give Me Everything.  My initial response- was what I’m assuming would be most parents, and I ask Ella, ”don’t you want to listen to your music?, let’s listen to The Wheels on the Bus ”…”NOOOOOOOOOOO”, screamed the music monster from the back seat of my car, ”Give me Everything”.  Hesitantly, I turn up the radio and Ella’s head bopping begins.  She LOVES it.  So, I thought it’d be “interactive” to teach her the Fist Pump, why you may ask?  Apparently I thought it would be funny but she loves it and I now I wonder What.  Have.  I.  Done.?  My 3 year old cannot know the fist pump and show her new “trick” in public.  This is the behavior that “irresponsible” parents partake in.  Every song Ella hears, she wants to fist pump, asks me to fist pump and/or makes her dolls fist pump…I’ve created a fist pumping, hip hop listening to, monster!  Next fist pumping song request from Ella…”5 roon” (Maroon 5)…Oy Vey—I want my Classical and NPR back.