Hmm.   Let’s see.  Being a teacher means getting summers off.  It’s a nice perk because I can make appointments without saying “What do you have after about 3:45?”, get errands done, clean the house (yeah, right!), and just take a break.  Taking a break is a hard thing to do during the school year.  I get up before 6 and I could literally walk out the door by 6:30 if I wanted to.  And I did-before kids.  Before my kids were born I had lots of time to get things done, my house was not nearly as cluttered, and I think I actually cooked most dinners that my husband and I ate together.  Now, it’s a race to get anything done.  My son is our early riser.  He will be 5 in November and he has never been what you might call a great sleeper.  Right now he’s currently fighting a losing battle with my husband over why he has to take a nap.  Seth refuses to give in even though he knows he’s tired.  Maya loves her sleep, and when she was younger she’d sleep for 12 hours a night and take her naps without a fight.  She still sleeps well, but a certain almost-5-year-old has biased her and she can sometimes be heard saying, “I don’t want a nap!”  Those are usually the days that she sleeps for 3 hours plus.  Yesterday afternoon serves as a nice example of that.

Anyway, so I could leave at 6:30, but there are kids to wake up and get dressed, lunches to pack, and breakfast to serve.  All of this gets accomplished while my husband showers, gets dressed and gets himself ready for work so that he can drop the kids off at school.  I usually leave a little after 7, and depending on the traffic that day (for which there is no rhyme or reason) it can take me between 15 minutes and 45 minutes to get to work.  Once the school day begins, it is a mad dash to predict, clarify, question and summarize.  That’s hard stuff for the kids with whom I work, but we do our best.  After work, I struggle with going straight to pick up the kids, or running my errands sans kids.  Sure, sans kids is easier, quicker, and more pleasant all around, but I miss them and I can’t wait to hear all about their day.  Plus, pushing your sister in a shopping cart while narrowly avoiding the precariously stacked produce display is a rite of passage.  Once home, it is time to play and get dinner started.  If I’ve planned ahead, I can usually figure out what to make pretty quickly.  If I’ve planned ahead really well, dinner is already made and just needs to be warmed up.  If I’ve failed to plan, dinner is fish sticks and frozen vegetables (don’t worry, we do warm the stuff).  My husband is also quite crafty in the kitchen and often whips up elaborate meals out of basic staples.  After dinner we semi-clean up, have a little bit more playtime, and head upstairs for showers, brushing teeth, pajamas, books and bed.  Books are a big hit in our house.  First we read all together as a family, then Seth might read to Maya, then Maya might have only Mommy read to her or only Daddy read to her, then Maya gets put to bed, then Seth chooses his books, and then we read all over again.
Shortly after the kids are in bed, I’m pretty much ready for bed myself.  9:30 is my preferred bedtime.  9:00 is even better.  10:30 is already too late.
So, getting back to my original point, here are some of the things I remembered that I never accomplished this summer:
  • Number one on my list . . . cleaning/organizing the house.  Just didn’t happen.  Might never happen.  If I just keep that in mind, then maybe I won’t get so stressed out every time I throw a bunch of stuff in a box when we have company over.  What I really need to do is rent one of those storage pods and pretend it’s a shed.
  • Never chose a new primary care physician.  Still need to do that.  My old one just up and left the practice.  Maybe that will be Columbus Day’s main activity.
  • Forgot to make that online photo book that my old co-worker got for me.  Just didn’t have the time.  It all goes back to the fact that I’m horrible at organizing, so I really need to go back and choose the pictures I want before I can upload them and make the photo book.
  • Still haven’t framed the pictures of the kids I’ve been meaning to for the past 4 years and 2 1/2 years, respectively.  But hey, at least I picked up the picture frames.  Receipt says they were purchased on August 27, 2010.  So I’ve got that going for me . . . which is nice.
  • Get to one of those big shred events where they’ll shred your personal documents for free.  By the time I realize one is coming up, it’s already too late.
So, what is it that I actually did this summer?  I don’t even know.