Before becoming a mother, I thought there is no way my child is going to watch TV on a regular basis. He will be forced/encouraged to play outside (like I was) and allow his imagination to take him to fun and unusual places. What kind of parent allows their child to watch TV almost every evening??? Apparently I am that parent.  Who knew that at the end of a busy work day after “making” dinner and bathing my filthy child (Really, how does he get that dirty? Does he just roll around in the sandbox at school all day?) I would be the first to plop down on the couch and turn on the TV?

Sprout is an educational channel (thank you PBS) so I have minimal feelings of guilt that my child watches Nina and Star each night before we read our books, say our prayers, and go to bed. In fact he is learning a few new things during his (our) quality time with Nina, he learns new signs, Spanish words, and stretches/yoga moves. We talk to Nina and Star like they are our friends.

Is this the right way to end a long day? Well, if there is one thing I have learned over the past 23 months there is no right and wrong way to parent. Every parent/family is different. Sprout works for us. You may not agree with our choices and I am okay with that.

What are your night time rituals?