Thinking back to when Ella was a baby, she’s never been what I’d consider a “sleeper”, not even in utero.  I remember when we went to her first doctor’s appointment when she was a newbie, her Doctor told us that we had to wake her up every 3 hours to feed her.  I knew nothing about kiddos at that time so nodded my head and smiled.  Looking back, I cringe at teh fact I woke a sleeping baby!  Waking Ella every 3 hours for a few weeks got her on the fast track to no sleep-for anyone in our home, not even the dogs, for almost 3 years.  We’d tried everything; we left hall lights on, or a closet light on or her bedroom lamp on.  The one that nearly killed us was when we had to sit on a stool in her room and every couple of nights inch our way out of her room.  Finally, we would end up in the hallway.  When she asked “You going to sit in hallway”, we’d guiltfully reply “yes”, knowing full well that we’d soon be crawling on the floor on our hands and knees going downstairs trying with every inch of our being not to make a sound.  Then, a while later, Ella would backtrack and we’d go back to sitting on the stool in her room, once again.  This went on for a couple of years as we just couldn’t figure out the “magic trick” to get her to sleep.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere as we’re tucking her in one night Ella says “Mommy, turn off closet light, please”.  So, I turned it out and, Voila, she slept!  All night long.  Surely this is a fluke, I was telling myself.  No way something as simple as having it totally dark in her room will cause her to sleep all night.  But it did.  We’re going on around 4 months of Ella sleeping all night and it’s been fantastic!  For all of us, including the dogs.

A few days ago as we’re watching Yo Gabba Gabba a skit comes on about one of the characters being scared of the dark.  I quickly turn the channel with the hopes that Ella hasn’t picked up on what they were talking about, I was wrong.  I asked Ella to go in her room to pick out her clothes.  She looks at me and says with her small, shaky voice, ” I’m scared of the dark”.  I quickly shrugged it off and told her there was nothing to e scared of and to go run and get her Rapunzel costume, which she very quickly obliged to.  Whew, crisis averted…for now.