It happened.  My first discussion with a teacher about Darby being behind.  I never thought this day would come.  I mean, Mike and I are both smart people.  Well educated.  Always did well in school.  We wore assorted cords at graduation to prove it!  And now we’re having this conversation with a teacher.  Darby is behind.

Rolling over is for chumps!

The other kids in her class are all rolling over and she isn’t.  But she did!  Twice!  I saw!  She isn’t rolling over consistently like the other kids.  How could this be?  We wore CORDS at our graduations!  Our baby should be AHEAD of the others, not behind!  The teacher asked me to work on this with her.  Great.  Homework. I’m supposed to rock her from side to side to show her how to do it.  Maybe she knows how but doesn’t want to, OK?!  She just doesn’t feel like it!

Darby smiles more than the others AND she can hold the rattle longer.  Her teacher told me that.  Suck it, Other Kids.  Plus, she’s bigger… a lot bigger.  Don’t even TRY to tease her about her rolling over because she will come at you with her chubby thighs and big smile.  Mark my words.