Finally, after an entire summer of trying to get Ella to sit on the potty, it happened!  She’s potty trained (for the most part).  She’s been going on the “pot” as she calls it, since July.  It’s been great and I’ve been so proud of her.  It also feels like we’ve gotten raises at work since we don’t have to purchase diapers anymore and I’m sure our bank account appreciates the extra money.  Sure, Ella has had her share of accidents and she wears a diaper to bed but she’s done beautifully…when she’s at home.

So Parents, I come to you for advice!  I don’t know what to do as Ella will not use the “pot” in any public restroom.  Sure, the toilets are big and scary and the sound and force of the flush is enough to suck you down the toilet but I’m there or my hubs is there to help her out.  Trying to get her to use the potty in a public restroom is more difficult than trying to get those American hikers out of Iran and back stateside.  No bribe in the world works.  We were at the doctor’s office and they needed Ella to go to the restroom.  We offered her anything her heart desired if she’d just use the potty.  No dice.  We’ve offered candy, Barbie’s, books.  No dice.  She holds it as long as she can and then will say “Mommy, my tummy hurts.”  What I want to respond with is, “of course your tummy hurts, you’ve been holding it for hours and you have to pee.” But I don’t because that wouldn’t be nice and nobody likes an “I told you so.”  When we plan outings, we sometimes have to cut them short and go home because she’s got to use the restroom.  When something as “simple” as using a public restroom gets in the way of things such as Discovery Place or the neighborhood park, there’s a problem, right?

My question to you potty training pros is this:  How do you get your child to use the “pot” in a public restroom?