Me and My Sister -- Big Bird and Corduroy the Bear

When I was a kid, Halloween was a huge deal.  A HUGE DEAL.  My mom made our costumes every year… and not like a sheet with some eye-holes cut out, but like totally over the top elaborate costumes of anything we wanted. In pre-school I was Papa Smurf (not sure why I chose Papa, but whatever)… my mom made his outfit, painted my face blue, got me a white beard, made me the Smurf hat.  Another year I was Corduroy the Bear (yeah, that’s me in the photo) and my sister was Big Bird (complete with individually hot-glue-gunned feathers).  Mom was Oscar the Grouch… she wore a trash can all day.  Another year I was an upside-down person.  She took some old jeans, stuffed them, sewed shoes on the ends, put a shirt on my legs, attached a mannequin head to the collar of the shirt… and, voila, I looked like I was walking upside down.

So yeah, that was Halloween. Every. Single. Year.  It was awesome.  But then it wasn’t… I got totally Halloweened out.  I remember the first year I opted out of trick-or-treating and stayed home to hand out candy.  I felt so grown up.

Ever since I just haven’t been into Halloween.  I dressed up in college and for a few years after but that’s just because I wanted to go to the awesome parties.  The last time I remember dressing up was 2003.  My husband and I hadn’t even been dating a month; we were going to a party at one of my friend’s houses so I threw on a pair of jeans, a snap shirt, and my cowboy hat.  Cowgirl.  Done.  Where’s the keg?

Darby is only 4 months old this Halloween, so I didn’t bother with a costume.  Today she’s wearing a onesie from her Grandma and Grandpa that says “Wickedly Cute.”  That will do for this year.  Halloween starts next year for her… and I’m really excited about it.  With a kid, the fun is back!  We can come up with creative ideas for costumes together… a friend is going to teach me to sew so that I can hopefully make Darby’s costumes like my mom did for me.  And if we have to buy them, then we buy them.  I’m so excited to see what she comes up with.  Will she want to be a princess every year?  Or will she be a tomboy like her mom and want to be a racecar driver?  (Oh yeah… I was totally Richard Petty in 2nd grade.)  We’ll have to wait and see.  I know one thing’s for sure… she’s going to be the cutest freaking princess racecar driver ever.