As soon as we started telling people we were going to be grandparents, they all asked us the strangest question.

“What is your name going to be?”  “What will you be called?”


It seems that many grandparents these days choose to have cutesy names for themselves.  And it is such a big deal there are even websites that list all variations of grandparent names that have and can be used.  We were even asked by the parents-to-be what we wanted to be called!

Wow…this must be important, we thought.  How are we going to not make a mistake here that will doom us forever??

But why the fascination with these names?  There was no discussion like this when our kids were born…it was a given.  The only odd names came about because a young child couldn’t pronounce something and the mispronounced name sort of stuck.

So, a digression is in order, first…

We are boomers…early boomers, at that.  Boomers are the gazillion children born between 1946 and 1964 who exhibit boundless energy still.  One side-effect of all this energy is the boomer’s desire to stay forever young. These boomers want to dress, act and socialize with their children as if they themselves were still thirty-somethings.

So, fast forward now, and you can picture a couple in their early 60s with active lives, not at all the image of “old people”…who become grandparents. Given all the youth-kick, it’s a wonder they admit to having children, let alone grandchildren!

So who wants to be called Grandma or Grandpa??  That’s so…old.  Doesn’t fit the self-image, at all.  No way.

So that’s one guess why we have websites with lists of distinctly non-grandparent sounding names from which to pick.  And, hence, the obsession to decide “What am I going to be called??”

Well, maybe we’re from the old school… We prefer to be considered the older people, the generation who has some wisdom from experience, the generation who can give advice when asked, lavish praise when necessary and comfort our children in times of crisis. We prefer not to be our children’s friends, but rather the friendly parents to whom they can turn. We feel that our children have their friends and don’t need any more. They need parents.

So, here we are back to the names.

We think cutesy grandparent names are an outgrowth of this drive to stay young, the desire to stay 40 forever.

Somehow, somewhere, we feel every little kid wants parents, someone to call Mom and Dad (traditional household example, here…) and needs to get all the love and learning that Mom and Dad provide over a lifetime.

And we also feel every little kid should have grandparents, someone to call Grandma and Grandpa, who will also provide love and a different kind of teaching and a different perspective, born of longevity.

We think this is important to the universe of a child.  And we are determined to provide that for our new grandchild (and those yet to come!)

So, Mooky and Puppy will just have to stay on the website list.

We’ll be Grandma and Grandpa, thank you, and we’ll be happy for it!