So, I’m a bit overwhelmed.  I have one of those email addresses where they give you the option to “prioritize” certain incoming mail, mark other mail as less important and put stars next to even more mail.  It is meant to keep one organized, but it hasn’t worked out so well for me.  Right now I have almost 150 messages in my “priority” inbox.  I have hundreds in my starred category and literally (I’m not kidding) thousands in my regular mail.  I’m the type that needs lots of time to sit and focus on a task so that I can complete it well.  I’m not a good multi-tasker and I have a hard time getting things accomplished when I only have time to complete part of it.  So, that explains why I have probably 25,000 emails.  I may have time to read the email, but if I don’t have time to respond or follow up on the email right at that moment, then it gets marked as unread so that I know to come back to it.  Invariably, it will be forgotten.  Then if I do come back to it, yup, I get overwhelmed.

At issue as well is my house.  We have had our fair share of school projects that have come home with both kids from preschool.  Most of it I keep.  How could I not??  Now that Seth is in Kindergarten, he is coming home with even more.  This is the real stuff.  Real School.  I can’t possibly throw any of this stuff out.  So my question is . . .now what?  If I can’t keep my virtual world clutter free, how will I ever succeed with my real life one?  Suggestions?  Oh, and when during my hectic life do you propose I find the time to organize all the stuff?