Maya has now reached the stage where she is testing the limits of what she knows is right.  She isn’t defiant on purpose-she’s just having a little fun with it.  She’ll do something she knows she shouldn’t, we’ll warn her that she is going to have a time out or be removed from the situation (dinner table, play room, etc.), and then she’ll go right ahead and do it anyway.  She TOTALLY understands what’s at stake, and she does it anyway!!  I secretly love it because she has this really great sense of humor and is a really funny kid.  She still gets upset if we win and she loses, but she has fun with it.

Just the other day we were out for lunch and she was playing with the straw in her milk.  I asked her to please stop because it might spill and of course she kept right on doing it.  She even looked at me as if to say, “I dare ya to take it away!  No, I double dare ya!”  Well, I didn’t need to take it away because not too long afterwards her milk spilled and she had to clean it up.  What’s that I hear?  Mommy knows best?  Hmm.