This. Is. Amazing.

Some of you readers might see this as totally unnecessary, as a silly development of consumerism. Let me tell you that the R&D folks at Barilla have got it all right. This is just what I’ve been looking for my entire parenting life! Spaghetti is not my favorite meal (for myself or the kids), but it’s easy to make and unequivocally praised by the kids. I’ve made some efforts to reduce the inherent messiness of spaghetti (see Joanne’s previous post), but I’ll find dried up noodles stuck under the kids chairs for weeks. But no more – enter pre-cut spaghetti!! Joanne found it at the store a few weeks ago and it was very successful. Sure, the kids ate spaghetti with spoons because it was cut so small (no Lady and the Tramp moments here), but those chubby cheeks were marinara-free!

I’m wondering what other products you all have seen that are either (a) truly a bonus, or (b) just plain genius, if somewhat unnecessary.

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