A friend of mine posts blogs on a website for moms.  She recently sent out a Facebook note asking parents what types of presents they get their kids, ages 0-2.

This got me thinking.  Other than a couple of Barbies and a handful of other things, Jeff and I haven’t gotten Ella gifts for holidays or birthdays.  We would much rather put some extra money into her college savings account or build her stock portfolio.  How fantastic a gift would it be if Ella could go to college and come out DEBT FREE or be able to have a large down payment for a new home?  The reality is, Ella has so much stuff that she doesn’t even know what she has!  Baskets and baskets of toys go unnoticed on a daily basis.  She plays with the same few toys repeatedly and is happy as a little lamb, plus, it’s less toys for the Toy Fairy to take away when Ella decides she doesn’t want to clean up.

I think there is so much emphasis on gifts for holidays and birthdays that it overwhelms kids in that age group, at least it does Ella.  Why do we feel the need to be so excessive with gifts on a consistent basis?  In 20 years when Ella is, hopefully, out of college, has no college loans to pay off and possibly a nice safety net, I hope she’ll be able to appreciate the lack of gifts as a child and see the value in what we chose to give her instead… I know I did.

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