Darby met Sophie and there were instant fireworks.  Love at first site… er, bite.   But with one squeak, Sammie knew she had to have her and committed herself to winning Sophie for herself.


Darby: Oh Sophie!  I just love you so much! *Kiss* *Kiss* *Kiss*

Sammie: I can’t listen to this.  I hurts too much.  Ho hum.

Sophie: Do you think we makeout too much, Darby?  Can’t we just talk?

Darby: Shhh… *Kiss* *Kiss* *Kiss*

Darby: Ooooh, Sophie… I just lo… I feel like someone’s watching us.  SAMMIE!

Sammie: Sophie, I just wanted to tell you that I love you.  I want you to be mine.  I want to be the one who makes you squeak!  Please, Sophie!  PLEASE!

Darby: I can’t believe this is happening.  You know what, Sammie?  Take her.  I don’t care.  Sophie, if Sammie is what you want then FINE!

Sammie: No, I don’t want her this way!

Sophie: I don’t know what I want anymore.  I just want… to be loved!  Darby, can’t we just talk?!  Please, Darby!  PLEASE!

Darby: Don’t come up here and try to make nice like nothing happened.  I can’t take the drama, Sophie!  This is too much!  I’m only 5 months old!

Sophie: I just want to talk!  Please, Darby.  You were my first love… my only love!  Please.  I’ll let you suck on my face some more…

Sammie: Gross.  I can’t listen to this.

Darby: Oh, Sophie.  It has always been you.  You’re the only rubber giraffe for me.  Can I suck on your face now?