I think I’m a good parent.  I think I let my kids have fun.  But I worry that sometimes I’m a bit too overprotective of their fun time.  Maybe I don’t let them have as much fun as they would like.  Do they have to be perfect all the time?  No.  Can’t I let them roughhouse with one another once in a while?  Yes.

When I was little, my family and I would go to IHOP every so often for breakfast.  It was a real treat!  I clearly remember my brother and I ordering milks and then both of us pouring in between 2-3 of those extra creamers that they always had on the table.  I probably wouldn’t let my kids do that at a restaurant, but why not?  Why can’t they have the same fun I had when I was little?  I also blew bubbles in my milk in restaurants.  I know.  So uncouth.  My parents probably asked me not to, but I still did it.  I was a rebel for sure. 

Shouldn’t I let my kids do the same-or at least pretend not to notice?  Sure.  I should, and I will!!